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aug 14, 2003 — slow bar is very sad to say that we will be not be renewing our lease at our current location and will cease operations there on sept 1, 2003.

that said we have the most incredible month of shows that we have ever had so we would love for all to please join us as much as possible in august!!!!!! (upcoming shows include the legendary shack shakers, jook joint monday, josh rouse, guilty pleasures, tmodel ford, the alcohol stuntband, tim keegan from departure lounge, bobby bare jr., forget cassettes, and the lone official. see activities page for dates and times.) the support we have gotten from friends, family, and community over the last (almost) three years has been nothing short of astounding. thank you all. our only hope is that the slow bar in its current location brought a little happiness to those who have come through our doors. god knows we have had fun. after september we will take a break for a few weeks and consider opening a new location. in the meantime, we are here!!!!!!


grimey, niko, and brian

p.s. special thanks go out to jessica kimbrough, marna taylor, meagan stembridge, mary breen, shaleen, hamton, donald, liz, ky, dave, chris, nicole, and johnny for going above and beyond the call of duty.

p.s.s. thanks david.
Michael Grimes

Slow Bar, the best dive bar in Nashville
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Thanks to a diverse, musician-heavy clientele, rumors of a new "un-Nashville" hangout/bar opening on the East side of town began spreading about a year ago, reaching such remote locales as San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Europe. A new, pocket-sized entertainment guide called The Rage reported, among other things, on the watering hole's last-minute band bookings, occasional art shows and, eventually, its expansion to a growing Gen-X and Gen-Y audience. Improvised cover tune nights are routine occurances at the Slow Bar. Mellow Brit Pop quartet Departure Lounge hosed the biweekly "Living Room" series at the small space, which features fearless local all-stars singing both originals and overs Kenny and Dolly's Islands In The Stream or the Village People's Macho Man.Touring alt-pop acts like Wheat, Badly Drawn Boy, The Shins, The Glands and improv orchestra Japancakes also made rare Music City appearances at the cozy corner pub this year, which have helped further diversify the city's rich musical landscape. "I hope we've raised the barometer for quality," Grimes tells The Rage. "we just wanted to create a certain vibe, and the music we book has to be analogous with the vibe we created." Creating a laid-back, unpretentious atmospere was a main order of business when Grimes and Gherke started making plans for a new place to hang. David and I realized that a lot of places we went fell short," explains Grime, who had originally planned to convert Grimey's into a beer bar/record store. "We wanted to do something different, so we said, 'let's find a place, get a good jukebox, maybe have some music...'" Gherke adds that their goal of creating the "ultimate dive bar" was based on years of arduous research. "When Mike and I were on the road, one of our favorite pastimes was trying to find the coolest dive in town," the drummer/bar co-owner reports. "We were always finding places that we wished Nashville had."With a good beer selection and a now infamous jukebox, the Slow Bar has attracted enough like-minded patrons to allow the partners to expand in size and service. A few months ago, they acquired the former art gallery next door and knocked down a wall. Now the partners plan to grow again, adding more draft varieties, late night pizzas limited lunch menu, and eventually, wine and liquor. At the same time, they may scale back the live music menu in an effort to attract social butterflkies more interested in conversation and people-watching than live music.